Teleturtle Teletortoise

We need to talk about teletortoise teleturtle.

Because, really, half of the experiment was about you. The public. Not him, the turtle.

(and he was a turtle, not a tortoise)

Yellow-Belly and I wanted to see what you would do if we told you that his life was in your hands.

Would the internet drown a helpless tortoise?

The results are mostly positive.


Users turned the water on the least out of all three options

Water 20.3%
Food 26.9%
Light 37.9%

And 31% of users didn't use the water at all

Just 17% turned the water on the most (on more occassions than light or food)

And most water-togglers did so after 30 minutes: when Yellow-Belly was already swimming

However, 38% chose water as their 1st action

(16% more than food)

while 9% of users had the water on for half of their time...

...And 4.5% had it on all the time

(but that was only 2 people)

In total, 106 litres were doused over the turtle

Enough water to drown the tortoise 10 times over

It's uncomfortable running out of room

Isn't it?